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fly swap baitfish


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with a 2nd by benzo its on!

Swaps are supposed to be fun, so deadlines should be met.

if you have not done a swap it kind of goes like this:

tie a fly for each person."final number will be given on may 16th"

It's a nice gesture to include some information about the pattern you've tied, a receipe, etc.

Include an extra fly for the swapmaster as a courtesy, not mandatory, but a nice touch.

Make the deadline.

Make an effort to show off your best work. Don't rush. Tying a dozen of the same pattern can be tedious, so don't do it all at once unless you're really determined or an efficient tyer. Try to tie something unique. Swaps are a great way to receive patterns you might never consider. That's not to say that a Deceiver/Clouser/common pattern isn't appreciated.


i would tie a few here and there before the dead line so you are not rush to get them done or you just bail out.

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i made a few calls and came up with a couple of ways to spice this swap up!


OLE FLORIDA FLY shop "darren" is going to give a medium size fly box "see photo" to the person who he feels tied the nicest fly. darren said he will judge on quality & difficulty. i know darren quality quality & quality is #1.



GLOBAL FISH MOUNTS.com is going to donate 2 $100.00 gift certificates. to the 1st person to catch & post a photo of a fish caught on someone else fly from the swap. that person & the fly tier will both get a $100 gift certificate to any fish mount.check out there fish at globalfishmounts.com they do some awesome work.


thank you to these 2 LOCAL business

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i got started...i am probably going to tie 6 more in olive and 6 in chartreuse like to chewed up bottom ones depending on how many participate...its the only thing i know how to tie right now... :(:)


number 6 gamakatsu glo bug hook, polar fiber, uv krystal flash, puglisi silky fibers ep on top...

works great around gl*** minnows, and small baits...they work real well around dock lights, and hitting mangrove shorelines in canals and rivers like loxahatchee and st lucie for snook...ladyfish, and jacks also can't keep away from them...mangrove snappers even chew them up...the baby tarpon even like to crush them, although the hook is a little small for any decent hookset on a tarpon over 7 lbs...


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