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New to Hewes - Vintage 1981-(Help)

Capt. Jim

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Just about 3 hours ago, I sat down at the computer to try to find a place on the web that had something to do with the older Hewes boats. I couldn't believe it when I found this forum. I have been reading and looking at everyones SWEET boats for all of those three hours... Good Job Maverick Boats for putting up a Vintage Hewes forum.

On to my boat, it's a 17'6" staight transom model. Does that make it a Bonefisher?

I took my friends 2001 Redfisher out late last year and decided I had to have one... After reading posts here and looking at the great pictures, I'm so glad I got a Vintage Hewes.

The "Restification" has already begun. Actually, it started about an hour after I bought it. I drove down to Sarasota from North Orlando to pick it up, and was very scared of the trailer it was sitting on. When I bought it, the owner told me the trailer seen in the picture is not the trailer that goes with it... I had no idea he was gonna put it on a toothpick with peas for wheels. I drove 4 miles at 25 mph, praying the entire way to a trailer store, and bought a new trailer. So I drove home with my new Hewes!!! HHoorraayy for me... It came with a 120 Johnson, but I have a 140 Johnson that only has 40 hrs on a rebuild, so I'm going back with that...

I got it home, and wheels in my brain started turning. I made a list of everything I wanted to change/update in the "Restification", and off to the Surplus stores I went. God I love those places...

I bought a new Center Console, new top mount control box with integrated tilt/trim, Hydraulic Steering setup, all new Gaffrig Guages, VHF, CD/MP3 Radio with 4 speakers, new Switch panel, new "recessed" nav lights, some lights for use in the cockpit area that are now mounted to the new console, new recessed cleats, new power pole, new motor guide digital trolling motor with Wireless control, spools of wire to re-wire the entire boat, and other things I can't remember this late at night.

Last weekend I completely disasembled the boat, with the exception of the top deck. As of right how, it's standing on it's port side, with the stbd belly primed and ready for paint. I'm hoping I can get this done in a month or so, I'm gonna devote a lot of time to it... I used the word "Restification" above, because I am going to change a couple of things that make it easier for my wife and kids to fish from. They often go with me on my inshore trips. I'll post more pics as I take them... I will also be updating my website, http://www.flatcrazy.com with the Hewes stuff when I get time. There is nothing on there now, but keep checking back. I enjoy all types of Saltwater fishing as I also have an older Wellcraft Scarab Sport with twin 225 Johnson's. You can check that site out at http://www.scarabsport.com

Anyway, thanks for letting me join, and sharing my p***ion for my Hewes... Jim.


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Thanks for the Welcomes...

First off, I have completed the setup on a new more modern looking console with front seat. Here are the pictures of that.

I think I'm gonna flush the front deck, and replace the original gas tank with a 36 gal tank that was given to me. The tank is new, and has never been used... I like being in the boat getting where I'm going almost as much as fishing, so the extra gas will come in handy. I also Premix my oil for the boat. I don't trust the VRO's on the old Johnsons. I haven't made up my mind about the back of the boat yet. I don't really like the "sunken" deck look, I like it smooth across the top. I guess there were a few years of the Vintage boats that came that way, I really like it. I have a polling platform to install, as well as a jack plate that I've been using on my B*** boat to fish the flats now. B*** boat fishes okay, but certainly not shallow enough...

By the way, is my boat truely a "Bonefisher?"



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For an answer on the guages, I'd have to blame my marine mechanic... He also services the 225's that are on my Offshore Scarab, and he insists that I have all of the following...

Tach, MPH, Volt, Water Pressure, Temp...

The Trim/Tilt, Hour Meter, and Fuel guage are on me...

I can't disagree with him. He does great work, and I guess being informed of everything that's going on with your engine is not a bad thing... I'll post more pics of the boat, headed out now to take some...

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So I've finally got some time to work on my poor neglected craft, so I've been doing some sanding... If you guys will remember some of the previous pictures where I had the boat sitting on it's port side in my shop. Well I decided that wasn't the best way to do any work. I got it outside and on it's deck, then back on the trailer supported by 2x4's. After about 6 hours of some serious 1-on-1 time with a DA sander and some 80 Grit, I was ready to prime. These pictures are after 2 coats of primer, and first sand with 220 paper. I have a couple of small nicks to work on, then it's final primer and wetsand with 400, then paint. I can't believe this thing is about to get paint. For those who haven't ever "restored" or "restified" a boat, this is a great feeling... So now I just have to decide a color. I'm going to do it like the newer boats, bottom of the hull white, then lapstrakes in color... It's awful hard not to paint it Orange and then have a big UT logo on the boat... HA! I know you Florida guys are going to kill me for that, but can't help it... Talk to you guys later.




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I decided on a color today. I just couldn't resist... Tennessee Orange - GO VOLS!

Anyway, I will be priming the boat with the final primer coat tomorrow, and wetsanding... What a way to spend your birthday...

I've given some thought to "raising" the front and back decks making them even with the top cap. Essentially gl***ing it in, making it one piece like the newer Hewes. What does everyone think about that? I like the "smoothness" of the newer style decks.


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heheh i thought when you said 'UT orange' ..... university of texas.... :blush: doh!

man, i have been in texas toooo long.

making the decks even would be cool, since you already have that spiffy new console.....but i also like that cl***ic look of the step down..kinda says 'cl***ic bonefisher' also keeps the fly-line in the boat.....

why not a mix? keep the stepped deck, but make all flush hatches for everything, and gl*** everything with modern gel-coat and the nonskid pattern of the newer models.....hmmmmm. it's all good!

just my .02! either way, i bet it's gonna be some work!

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Something to think about anyway... I do have a problem with my hatch and surrounding gl*** on my forward compartment. Maybe I'll just do the front, and not the back. Hey, do you know where I can get some of those "Live Wells" to bolt on the back of the boat on the sides. Seems most of these boats had/have them, but if mine did, they are long gone...

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